Headshot Retouching at its best.

Our work is based on the aesthetic that Peter Hurley has developed for his own work over the course of his career. Headshot Crew Cleaners is dedicated to providing retouching for photographers looking to enhance their imagery in a subtle and professional manner. Bulk pricing available, as well as a Headshot Crew, discounted Crew Perk.

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Simple Cleanse

  • Skin Exfoliation
  • Hair Tune up
  • Teeth Beautification
  • Background Cleanse

Deep Cleanse

  • Simple Cleanse +
  • Skin Overhaul
  • Liquify
  • Background Replacement
  • Glare Removal
  • Dodge & Burn

Signature Cleanse

  • Deep Cleanse +
  • Color and Exposure treatment
  • Portfolio matched Color Grading
Prices include up to 2 revisions.
Bulk pricing available.

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