About Jennifer James-Long 

I own Studio Sura, which is a portrait studio but am branching into headshots on a larger scale from my DBA, HeadshotsEugene.com to HeadshotsOregon.com. I actually don't have my preferred headshot lighting system yet, so I'll be doing some portfolio building for the next two or three months.

Photography for me started back in 1995 when I made an album cover. Since then, photography has been the tool I use to find adventures. I meet people, go places, and experience the thrills life has to offer. I don't have a single place where my work is viewable, as my portrait work is so different from my travel and sports work. Ya just can't put it all together or clients don't know what to hire you for. While I've been shooting headshots for a while, right now I don't have any headshots I want to put forward for critique.

I am SO THANKFUL this group has such a high bar! I had 120 images in my website gallery when I joined and I just culled out 65% of them -- and even then, I have total flaresville going on over there AND severe color inconsistencies. When I get my light setup I'll have a parade of folks come over for images and I'll substitute those for what I've got right now and I'm going to keep a side-by-side balance.